Weekly Writing Challenge #5

History is a really important subject for us, showing us where we come from, how we orignated and what our past is all about. The three most important skills which I have is I can make inferences and draw conclusions easily from what I read. I think its important to make connections to today’s world, how we are similar and different in many ways; therefore I think I am good at doing that and can make some connections to today’s world. I also think reading maps is another skill which I think is really important is looking at maps and making connections how where each location of a place can help us understand its culture and economical structure. I think I have the skill, from which I can tell how each geographical location can help us understand things about each culture. I think one thing I need to make sure I do is that I really read things carefully, understanding what its trying to communicate and not make conclusion too fast on what I read.


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