Weekly Writing Challenge #4

If this time control device was with me, I would definitely chose the “pause” button, change things in the present and continue moving on with the future. I wouldn’t chose the button where I could change the past and change the future but not live the present. If I did that, I would never be able to enjoy the present and would just keep making changes for the past and the future. I would pause, and correct all the mistakes happening in the present and live the life after pausing and correcting everything wrong happening in the present. The effects of my decision would be that people wouldn’t work hard since they know that whatever they do will be corrected therefore they might not work to their full potential. In order to make sure people are working, I would tell them what’s going wrong, and they will have to change it in order to make it right. I will change if their is any sort of corruption, economy problems or any social or political problem in order to make my empire a better place to live in.


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