Weekly Writing Challenge #6


A website can be great tool for us to gather knowledge and present it in the form they way we interpret it. I chose to read this website because it matched the criteria of my research, was simple, understandable and was easy to locate what I was looking for. One of the paragraph which will be part of my essay is;
Geographical location plays a part in access to trading and marketing. Almost all of the empires have been based upon trade routes such as the Mongol Empire which was based on the Silk road from China to the west. Many of the cultures suffer due to them being landlocked, situated in high mountain ranges and lack of river, long coastlines and good natural harbors, since these obstacles prevent them from blending into different cultures and adapting new techniques. If cultures don’t blend and interact, they prevent themselves from sharing new ideas and techniques and cultures just continue with their isolated development. They might be using new techniques, but those new techniques might be old to other cultures, therefore if they don’t blend they are not advancing at a rate which they are supposed to be at.


Weekly Writing Challenge #5

History is a really important subject for us, showing us where we come from, how we orignated and what our past is all about. The three most important skills which I have is I can make inferences and draw conclusions easily from what I read. I think its important to make connections to today’s world, how we are similar and different in many ways; therefore I think I am good at doing that and can make some connections to today’s world. I also think reading maps is another skill which I think is really important is looking at maps and making connections how where each location of a place can help us understand its culture and economical structure. I think I have the skill, from which I can tell how each geographical location can help us understand things about each culture. I think one thing I need to make sure I do is that I really read things carefully, understanding what its trying to communicate and not make conclusion too fast on what I read.

Weekly Writing Challenge #4

If this time control device was with me, I would definitely chose the “pause” button, change things in the present and continue moving on with the future. I wouldn’t chose the button where I could change the past and change the future but not live the present. If I did that, I would never be able to enjoy the present and would just keep making changes for the past and the future. I would pause, and correct all the mistakes happening in the present and live the life after pausing and correcting everything wrong happening in the present. The effects of my decision would be that people wouldn’t work hard since they know that whatever they do will be corrected therefore they might not work to their full potential. In order to make sure people are working, I would tell them what’s going wrong, and they will have to change it in order to make it right. I will change if their is any sort of corruption, economy problems or any social or political problem in order to make my empire a better place to live in.