Weekly Writing Challenge #3

An Iceberg is a large piece of fresh water ice which breaks off from a glacier. So far, I just heard of Iceberg being an obstacle to people travelling in seas, but now I think an Iceberg is a very efficient way to represent the ancient cultures. An Iceberg, when seen from a distance just looks like a big piece of ice floating in water, but when you look at it from underwater there is much more to it. Its wider down and its much bigger unlike when we see it from a far distance. Ancient cultures are just like an Iceberg, they look very simple and easy to understand, a very small part contributing to the world history, but when they are explored and investigated there are many impressive facts we learn which are very deep, answering some mysterious and unanswered questions like who started them? How did they settle, where did they settle and most of all who was before them. These questions are filled with interesting facts which make connections to today’s world and are some of them are still yet to be explored.


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