Weekly Writing Challenge # 2:

As soon as I entered the Mayan territory, there was a puff of fear in the air, a feeling that it was a mistake to enter into their territory and gathering all the information which I will need, in order to defeat them and conquer. As soon, as I entered I was confused which place to go to, I asked a man and he said that there are many city-states were thousands of people live and one of them was a main spectacular city, Tikal. I decided to go to the main city, in order to see what they do there. When I reached there I was in awe, there were temples and pyramid and one of the pyramids stretched to 212 feet, they had a ball court, stone sided playing fields in which played games, they said were for some religious and political significance. My legs started to tremble, but I kept gathering more information. They had city-states which were linked through alliances and trade. They exchanged products such as salt flint feathers shells and honey. They also traded craft goods like cotton textiles and jade ornaments. Due to them being on the Gulf coast, they had surplus amount of fish which they traded, boosting up their economy status. They were building new sophisticated ways of agriculture, unlike what I thought, that they still do slash and burn agriculture. They had social classes, they king sat on the top was the holy figure with absolute power, and followed the inherited succession method.. When I went to the temple, thinking maybe I can find a key way for our conquering I found out that Gods were associated with colors, and believed that each day was associated with one god. I found that they give offerings of food, flowers and incense but also found that they do human sacrificing of enemies, a thought which shook me from my head to toe. Halfheartedly I continued my journey, I found were advancing in math, astronomy, calendar. They even calculated to solar years and included the concept of zero. They used shell symbol for zero, dots for the numbers and the bar for five. I was saw different symbols on walls and those were their writing, which consisted for 800 hieroglyphics symbols and some stood for whole words. They used their writing system to record events, carving them into a recording them into bar paper book known as a codex. I tried to gather information about their events, but unfamiliar with the language made it not possible. I think we need change in plans in order to defeat this strong and immense empire.


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