Weekly Writing Challenge #1

Due Thursday!!! Feb.!14th “2013”at 8:30 p.m

When walking towards a new adventure, a new city, Mount Alban, As soon as I reached there I recalled which I saw on my way. As soon as I was going through the fields, I saw a similar pattern, where there was the concept of step farming happening in Monte Alban.  I noticed that just like Rome had palaces which were made out of stone, so did Monte Alban which were huge.  As soon as I reached there I decided to pray and when I found a temple, in fact I found huge temples in Monte Alban just like in Rome.  When I reached I was really tired because of walking and couldn’t catch my breath, and then realized that both these places were steep and were hilly areas. At Last when I was just walking around In Monte Alban, I noticed that this city is also really advanced and developed just like Rome.  These two places were very similar in many ways.


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